by burrowyestation

Baby D was showered today. She’s ten or eleven weeks away, but she already has wardrobe for the next three years – soft things, hand knitted things, things with spots and frills and matching bloomers.

James’ paintings played against the autumn foliage.

We didn’ t need to, but we lit one of the fires. Magic decadence.

The old visitors book was dusted off and added to. It was so good to spend time with dear friends.

Our puppy hitch-hicked to Tallangatta (70km away), a very good bull has a bad stomach ache, the rain hangs in the air like a vague thought and the grass is… not mentioned.

Something always blows in March. We shall see.

I was a little proud of my Lindt-dipped raspberry jellies.  The camp is getting girlier.

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