Inside Out

by burrowyestation

A very strange week.  Combination of making things soft and cosy for the approaching addition to the family…and being totally at odds with the world. And saying so.  Three stoushes in three days, all about boundaries in one way or another.  On a positive note, the best bull is better (we think he just went on a drinking binge), the in-laws enjoyed their holiday (being related to people who know how to enjoy themselves is so much better than being related to those who don’t. note to self.) and we received 15 ml of rain last night.  It’s still festival season in the local area and the news that comes down the tube about music and markets and events makes me shudder a little bit.  All four of us sat on the two seater couch yesterday and counted the rain drops as they tumbled. We shared a packet of potato chips and half a cold roast chicken (no one could remember the last time we had either of those in the house). I may have had a couple of fantasies about south-central-LA style blow-outs, but rain-drops, bought chicken, and packety chips are my preferred peak of excitement/risk/toxicity right now.  The day before it rained, nailed to the bed and emotionally drained, I noticed that the afternoon light was playing some marvellous tricks…..

IMG_0292 IMG_0284 IMG_0272