by burrowyestation

IMG_0394Last day for buttoning any of my shirts.IMG_0391First batch of biscuits for the season extracted by fine new pot holder IMG_0407 Yellow egg plant and tomatoes and beans and zucchini all baked together with rosemary and garlic. Pomegranite and lime in soda.IMG_0408 Olives picked and pickled – soaked for three days, water changed daily, then hot brine 100g salt to 1 litre of water. Wait three months.IMG_0412 Quinces with white wine, butter, maple syrup, vanilla – 24 hours in the slowest bit of the Aga.IMG_0416 Enough domestic lushness. I took a solo road trip through bursts of driving rain. Munderoo, Tumbarumba, Batlow, Adelong, Wagga Wagga, East Albury, Home.IMG_0421 There is a part of me that can only be nourished by plastic biscuits, sachet beverages, The Magnificent Seven on TV in bed at 1.00am…. and some-one else’s housekeeping.IMG_0424