Window licking

by burrowyestation


James and Dora's de-brief

James and Dora’s de-brief

The selfie is the only way to get a good Madonna shot – learnt this when our son was born and my head was cut off in every photo – the transition from person to piece of baby furniture can be amazingly rapid.

imageIt’s been a while between posts. I have fallen into the bloggers trap of saving up all the exciting things to put into massive article….then getting bowled over by more exciting things and just not getting to the screen. This is the view from my window tonight. A fabulously furry has just scaled the bin, dived and emerged again. There is a light rain falling outside. How I wish I could sit on the cold curb, pat that black cat and stick my tongue out for rain drops. How I miss the green pastures of Burrowye. Home tomorrow. And taking with us. Drumroll. Miss Burrowye 2014….brand new black haired Miss Dora Bella Houston. Born 2.37am on Monday 19th of May.