Ten Lessons in Clay

by burrowyestation

1. Raku clay pre-pugged by a friend is a gift beyond price.

2. I may have one japanese tea bowl in mind, but my hands make what they make.

3. No perfection withut imperfection.

4. Smoking may almost be banned and I might only crave tobacco once a year, but my pots, bowls and cups will all be ashtrays. Until I have made enough ashtrays.

5. There is a mystical point in the hand modelling process when my lump of clay transforms into a beautiful form. I must remember to pause at this point.

6. Mastery is something to do with being able to start and knowing when to stop.

7. If hands enjoyed making it, hands will enjoy holding it.

8. Clay works like a clarifying mask on my tyrannical inner perfectionist.

9.Clay can offer an incredible amount of quiet fun in the time it takes a baby to nap

10. Did God work with some at some stage?

Photo on 27-06-14 at 8.15 PM #4

Photo on 27-06-14 at 7.01 PM