Burrowye Station is a property owned by Houston Pastoral Company, located about an hour upstream from Albury.  First, it was an aboriginal settlement. We know people lived both sides of the Murray River and that they collected  long necked turtle from the billabongs.  Written history fails us here, and all we can do is attempt to live and see and be at one with the place, and sometimes we feel culture growing back. In the hills above Burrowye, rocky caves still shelter paintings of emu and dogs.  We have an emu that chooses to run with our sheep today, and wild dogs have been a topic of discussion at Burrowye Landcare meetings for the past 25 years.  Burrowye was a Cobb and Co changing station at some stage, and the feeling of “meeting place” endures.  As a cattle station, the place changed shape and owners quite often, until James Houston of Hay bought the block as drought relief.  His son Max and wife Vida moved to Burrowye in the 1950’s and when the old homestead burnt down, they rebuilt the brick place we live in today.  It’s not a typical homestead – Melbourne people say it’s something you could expect to see in Caulfield , the rambling gardens were famous in their day and we still have some lovely letters from people who enjoyed Max and Vida’s hospitality. “We have been entertained,” writes one lady, “but never have we been entertained to quite such an extent as we were entertained at your party…” . James, Joseph and I, (Charlotte) live here now.  James’s parents Judy and Graham keep a house on the hill.  We are also joined by campers on the reserve, a steady stream of guests, and some treasured volunteer workers from Travellers at Work (www.taw.com.au).  Currently running Angus Cattle for the feedlot market, we also have a few sheep, four borrowed horses and a motley crew of dogs.  Along with beef farming, we are actively engaged in a number of environmental projects, cultural initiatives and arts activities.  We love to write, paint, sculpt, play music, sew and garden.  We also love visitors.  This site is here to showcase some of the things we’re up to, and bridge the gaps between our world and all the others out there.  It’s a work in progress.


You can contact us at: burrowyestation@harboursat.com.au

or: Burrowye Station, 6733 Murray River Road, Burrowye, VIC 3709